Vets Do Citizen Arrest on Entire County Board! They laughed Until Cops Showed Up! VIDEO


A corrupt county board in Clark County Illinois just got arrested by two veterans in a citizen arrest!   In the video at the 1:50 mark you will hear one of the veterans ask if they are going to allow public comment.  They say No and then the veterans say they are going to do a citizen’s arrest of the board!   They basically start trying to laugh it off until they find out the cops are coming to arrest them!   Watch the cocky attorney lady trying to lie and say what they did was okay until she gets put in her place by the exact statute!   They arrest all board members except the one that did not vote to not allow comments!   It’s great to see a corrupt county board get put in their place thinking they can do  whatever they want and not all the people to speak!   This is called WINNING!  Spread the word so all the Boss Hogs are put on notice!

Two Veterans Perform Citizens Arrest on Entire County Board, They Laugh Until Sheriff Shows Up!

Many times, normal people get frustrated and wonder what they could possibly do to fight an out of control government. This could happen at the local, state or national level.

Fortunately, at the local level, this is often entirely possible. Two military veterans in Illinois recently placed an entire county board under citizen’s arrest after they violated a state law. The board basically laughed it off and told the pair to sit down and shut up.

They weren’t very amused when the local sheriff showed up though. According to The Ocala Post: