Sandyhook – Adam Lanza house sold for $1 all items inside ordered to be destroyed by fire

The bank that took control of the house where Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza lived burned all the items left in the house to ensure that no one could sell them as murder memorabilia.

“There is nothing left but the light fixtures; we burned everything from the carpets to any personal effects left behind,” said William LaCalamito, a senior vice president for Hudson Savings Bank of New Jersey, which turned the house over to the town of Newtown this week at no cost. “We didn’t want anything from that house showing up for sale on eBay two years from now.”

NEWTOWN–The town of Newtown will decide what happens to the former Lanza house.

The home, in which the shooter from the Sandy Hook tragedy and his mother, Nancy, lived in, was inherited by Nancy’s other son, Ryan, after she was killed. A bank took control of the home after Ryan agreed to sell it for $1, according to the Hartford Courant.