Incredibly Heavy Baby Is Born Weighing In At 13 Pounds 13 Ounces


Colorado– A woman from San Luis Valley received quite the pregnancy surprise when she gave birth to a huge baby. Let me tell you, this baby was 13 pounds and 13 ounces! Alisha Hernandez, the baby’s mother, had no other option but to deliver the baby via C-section. The baby, 22 inches long, is confirmed healthy and scheduled to return home.

Newborns weigh in around 7.5 pounds, which makes Mia Yasmin Garcia almost twice as heavy as any other infant.

“She beat the record for the whole valley,” the proud father said, “and we’re so happy right now. The thought of complications definitely ran through my mind but i’m just glad she is here now and safe.”635532427907187646-PART951417623059693

Mia was taken to the Aurora Children’s Hospital on Monday because of respiratory issues and low glucose levels, but now both the mom and baby are perfectly healthy.635532427907187646-PART-1417633428645