22 Year-Old Arrested In Connection With XBox / Playstation Hacks

Police in the U.K. appear to have collared one of the grinches responsible for a massive DDoS attack on XBox Live and Sony PlayStation, which spoiled Christmas for many gamers by knocking the consoles’ networks off-line.

According to the Daily Dot, British law enforcement raided the home of 22-year-old Vinnie Omari, arrested him, and seized phones, computers and an Xbox One. Omari is a reported member of the so-called Lizard Squad, a group of trouble-making hackers who followed up the Christmas attacks by offering to sell their tools to others who wanted to knock sites offline.

UK police have yet to name Omari, but did on Wednesday issue a short statement announcing the arrest of a 22-year-old man for computer-related offenses. The statement does not cite the Christmas hacks, but does describe activities from earlier this year that also appear in a purported arrest warrant published by the Daily Dot that does describe the Sony and Xbox hacking.

News of Omari’s arrest also comes via respected security blogger Brian Krebs, and from another alleged member of the Lizard Squad from Australia who goes by @abdilo, and wrote “Vinne is vanned” (a slang term for being hauled off by law enforcement):